2018’s Best Aftermarket Wheel Brands

The competition for the ultimate aftermarket wheel brands has never been so critical with Forged wheels and flow formed storming the market. There are so many great wheel brands and rims in the market that it is almost impossible to pick a favourite, unless of course you have a strong bias for a specific brand of wheels. You will always have a hard time picking a set of wheels for your luxury vehicle, and if you are a lover of rims, you are in for a tougher time.

Our list is a deliberate lineup of top-notch wheels for 2018. All of these manufacturers are giants in their field, with a long business history, years of experience and best reviews as well. We give to you, in no particular order except to your own deductions, our 4 best rim brands in 2018;

  1. 3SDM Wheels

3SDM wheel is a brand of luxury, performance, and Hybrid forged wheel using the most advanced flow forming technology to achieve the highest standard in wheel design and efficiency. 3SDM utilizes the best CNC machines in the most equipped facility to conduct traditional casting and Hybrid forged processes. The brand is known for producing the best aftermarket rims that are compatible with a wide variety of luxury vehicles such as Alfa Romeo, Acura, Audi, Aston Martins and many more.

  1. BBS Wheels

The American wheel brand uses flow forming technology with hydraulic rollers to attain higher material density for alloy wheel rims. The BBS is a dominant brand in the art of one and two piece forged wheel design, with aesthetically flawless rims.

  1. Vossen

The Vossen Wheel brand revolutionized racing wheels with tuning technology. It provides the best luxury wheel rims as well as sports racing varieties. Safety and quality are the top priorities of the brand as they deliver light-weight wheels for all purposes.

  1. OZ Racing

An international leader in the wheel industry, the OZ is highly versatile, and utilizing the best wheel technology to globalize light weight alloy wheels for luxury and racing vehicles.


The advent of coilovers has completely displaced lowering springs in terms of functions and durability. Coil-overs have provided car owners with a lot of options and adjustment features which adds quality and increases efficiency of the automobile. Coil-overs have taken over the automobile market with more patronage from car owners since key component, shocks and springs, are fused together to help reduce wear on the system. In the car race world, coil-overs play a very important role since they help improve handling and control for smoother navigation. It gives you the option to also adjust the height of your ride and the damping. The importance of car suspension cannot be overlooked as this helps to navigate through uneven terrain. The increase in height and damping also affects balance and control so the BC coil-over, though more expensive than its predecessors; lowering springs, are definitely worth every penny.
Coil-overs do not only guarantee better control but also longer shock life which reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacements.

Now that we know the importance of coil-overs in automobiles, it is imperative to go for the best coil-overs, One that has gone through cutting-edge processes and has been tested or known to continuously meet standards of quality and safety. The BC racing coil-overs are the best bet. They come with easy to use adjustment knobs for purpose of dampening, height tuning and rebound. This of course depends on the model of coil-overs as each model comes with variable adjustment levels. BC coil-over suspension kits also come with the option of an excessively low suspension which is 2 inches from standard. Spring rate adjustment is another great feature that can be experienced with BC racing coil-overs. The ability to increase or decrease the rate of your spring is definitely a desirable feature and will come in handy especially with racecars. The BC Company offers nothing but quality, durability and safety in the manufacturing of every product making it an indispensable brand.

An era defying class: Rolls Royce

We all know Rolls Royce as the luxury car manufacturers that redefined luxury automobiles. Rolls Royce does not only make cars- oh not just cars-they make a statement with every moving vehicle they create. Over the years, Rolls Royce has become the epitome of high standard. But are you curious to know how they got where they are today- this pinnacle of success where they stand today has a very interesting story. The first ever car they manufactured was not mass produced- however-it was the beginning. The company came in to existence when it was first started by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. We can see now where the classy name Rolls Royce comes from right? Rolls Royce was fortunate enough to avoid early struggles which are commonly faced by any starting business. They became reputed for manufacturing quality built vehicles that were very much superior to other vehicles of that time.
A significant change was brought upon the company with waking of the First World War- they started manufacturing their own jet engines! Very soon they were prominent name in providing military planes their engines.
The dark days of Rolls Royce did not come until almost 60 years later- in 1960’s the company was shattered from the inside due to inefficient management. This break down was compensated by the sale of their assets- entire company in fact. The price was negotiated for a few years until coming in to a settlement. Rolls Royce was nationalized in 1987 and it was then that the company showed promising signs of rising back to its feet- and oh boy they went on to do it so spectacularly in the future.

Today even rich people would need ‘permission’ to buy this car- as Rolls Royce do not give away their work of art just for money…


Great expectation were exceeded at the Geneva automobile exposition, where the popular Italian motor brand, Alpha, unveiled its most prized possession for 2017, a dynamic trio with similar structural and facial features but differ significantly in abilities. The possible objective behind the three productions is to enhance usability and to provide diverse versions which would suit various purposes as well as bridge the gap between luxury and speed. The 3 models collectively generate 6 power trains and are name according to increased capabilities as Giulia, Super Giulia, and Quadrifoglio.

The Quadrifolio model is said to top its other two counterparts in performance and inbuilt features, this of course is not to make light of the strength, capabilities and flawlessness of the Giulia and Super Giulia.
The Alpha Romeo Brand is known to produce the most flamboyant, super luxury cars, engineered with a blend of panache and peculiarity that is only traced to the brand. It comes with specially customized safety features such as pedestrian alerts, speed limiter, departure warning system, including a driver assist system. Super Giulia differentiates itself with 17 inch alloy wheels, nice cozy upholstery, wooden inclusions, heated seats, and xenon head lamps. Each model differs in stats;

GIULIA – comes with a 150 horsepower and 180 horsepower with a 2.2 liter, 4-cylinder units, this comes with options of a 6-speed manual or 8-speed manual transmission.

SUPER GIULIA – This model builds up a 200 horsepower, 2.0 liter gasoline and 4-cylinder with an 8 speed automatic transmission.
QUADRIFOGLIO – Generates a whooping 510 horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission, 2.9- liter twin turbo V6
These vehicles have set the pace for luxury vehicles this year and are set to hit the market soon. Quadrifoglio is expected to hit consumers by the third quarter while the Super model would come in subsequently.


One mistake you do not want to make is to find yourself in a car race against the brand new Acura NSX, there can only be one outcome. After a few years of teasing, the long awaited road phantom is out carrying with it, all the fury and need for speed. The new NSX sets the pace with its daunting countenance and the feel of more than just a regular sports luxury vehicle. Its features are significantly distinctive with a poise that can make it seem like the devil himself. This new breed is expected to weigh quite reasonably and is riddled with complex technology.

The intention and objective behind this masterpiece is to engineer a bi-functional machine that would possess all the lush and flamboyant features to drive comfort and entertainment and as well take dynamics to another level, rising up to any task. The alluring facial features and body work are built to break wind with SMC plastic body panels. LED lighting sits at ends with a touch of aggressiveness and class.
Extreme detailing can be noticed with the NSX, from the door panels to the leather seats, the 7.0- inch display audio touch screen infotainment system, the finger friendly buttons and steering wheel, all suited to needs and easy on the eyes. Solid alloy wheels to match and Aluminum coil over suspensions with standard tires.

The push start button gives you an introduction to the ride of your life. The highly responsive throttle sets the tone for and intense outburst. The experience is like none other as the driver is given full control and responsiveness, cranking up some impressive dynamics and maintaining form. The adjustable suspensions give the option of a lower center of gravity, truly an ecstatic way to make an entrance.

5 Powerful SUVs That Get Great Gas Mileage

For harsh conditions, a great powerful car is a necessity. However it can cost a great fortune if the car is not fuel efficient. So a 4 wheel drive with great gas mileage will not only be fuel efficient but can also save a fortune.

2017 Honda CR-V
This SUV has a combination of EPA fuel economy ratings, for highway it is 34 mpg and for city-highway test on the front wheel drive version it is 30 mpg. This car is an easy and fun-to-drive car other than being spacious. There is a lot of room in the passenger cabin and also cargo.

2017 Hyundai Tucson
Hyundai Tucson offers a commendable EPA rating of 32 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg for the city-highway. This car has been rated as highly safe also spacious in it passenger cabin. 1.6 liter turbocharged engine makes a front wheel Tucson 30mpg on the highway and 27 mpg on the city-highway.

Mazda CX-3
Mazda is subcompact model so it is not quite spacious in the cargo and cabin area. However it has a rating of 31 mpg for city-highway and a rating of 34 mpg for highway. Its interior and ease of handling makes the car quite attractive. Also comes with great crash test result.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
This car has a combined mpg rating of 28, meanwhile city-highway rating of 29mpg and highway mpg rating of 27. It is very fuel efficient. Its 3.5 liter V6 with working motors can procure a horsepower of 306. It gives the best mileage even with one gallon of gasoline.

GMC Terrain
The 2017 Terrain model is quite an attractive car, with its four-cylinder. With just one gallon of gasoline the car can travel 31miles on the highway. And it has a combined mpg rating of 25. Its other desirable features are that it is quite spacious with top-notch interior and comfortable seats. For 2018 a new Terrain is going to be redesigned as-well.