One mistake you do not want to make is to find yourself in a car race against the brand new Acura NSX, there can only be one outcome. After a few years of teasing, the long awaited road phantom is out carrying with it, all the fury and need for speed. The new NSX sets the pace with its daunting countenance and the feel of more than just a regular sports luxury vehicle. Its features are significantly distinctive with a poise that can make it seem like the devil himself. This new breed is expected to weigh quite reasonably and is riddled with complex technology.

The intention and objective behind this masterpiece is to engineer a bi-functional machine that would possess all the lush and flamboyant features to drive comfort and entertainment and as well take dynamics to another level, rising up to any task. The alluring facial features and body work are built to break wind with SMC plastic body panels. LED lighting sits at ends with a touch of aggressiveness and class.
Extreme detailing can be noticed with the NSX, from the door panels to the leather seats, the 7.0- inch display audio touch screen infotainment system, the finger friendly buttons and steering wheel, all suited to needs and easy on the eyes. Solid alloy wheels to match and Aluminum coil over suspensions with standard tires.

The push start button gives you an introduction to the ride of your life. The highly responsive throttle sets the tone for and intense outburst. The experience is like none other as the driver is given full control and responsiveness, cranking up some impressive dynamics and maintaining form. The adjustable suspensions give the option of a lower center of gravity, truly an ecstatic way to make an entrance.

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