An era defying class: Rolls Royce

We all know Rolls Royce as the luxury car manufacturers that redefined luxury automobiles. Rolls Royce does not only make cars- oh not just cars-they make a statement with every moving vehicle they create. Over the years, Rolls Royce has become the epitome of high standard. But are you curious to know how they got where they are today- this pinnacle of success where they stand today has a very interesting story. The first ever car they manufactured was not mass produced- however-it was the beginning. The company came in to existence when it was first started by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. We can see now where the classy name Rolls Royce comes from right? Rolls Royce was fortunate enough to avoid early struggles which are commonly faced by any starting business. They became reputed for manufacturing quality built vehicles that were very much superior to other vehicles of that time.
A significant change was brought upon the company with waking of the First World War- they started manufacturing their own jet engines! Very soon they were prominent name in providing military planes their engines.
The dark days of Rolls Royce did not come until almost 60 years later- in 1960’s the company was shattered from the inside due to inefficient management. This break down was compensated by the sale of their assets- entire company in fact. The price was negotiated for a few years until coming in to a settlement. Rolls Royce was nationalized in 1987 and it was then that the company showed promising signs of rising back to its feet- and oh boy they went on to do it so spectacularly in the future.

Today even rich people would need ‘permission’ to buy this car- as Rolls Royce do not give away their work of art just for money…

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