The advent of coilovers has completely displaced lowering springs in terms of functions and durability. Coil-overs have provided car owners with a lot of options and adjustment features which adds quality and increases efficiency of the automobile. Coil-overs have taken over the automobile market with more patronage from car owners since key component, shocks and springs, are fused together to help reduce wear on the system. In the car race world, coil-overs play a very important role since they help improve handling and control for smoother navigation. It gives you the option to also adjust the height of your ride and the damping. The importance of car suspension cannot be overlooked as this helps to navigate through uneven terrain. The increase in height and damping also affects balance and control so the BC coil-over, though more expensive than its predecessors; lowering springs, are definitely worth every penny.
Coil-overs do not only guarantee better control but also longer shock life which reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacements.

Now that we know the importance of coil-overs in automobiles, it is imperative to go for the best coil-overs, One that has gone through cutting-edge processes and has been tested or known to continuously meet standards of quality and safety. The BC racing coil-overs are the best bet. They come with easy to use adjustment knobs for purpose of dampening, height tuning and rebound. This of course depends on the model of coil-overs as each model comes with variable adjustment levels. BC coil-over suspension kits also come with the option of an excessively low suspension which is 2 inches from standard. Spring rate adjustment is another great feature that can be experienced with BC racing coil-overs. The ability to increase or decrease the rate of your spring is definitely a desirable feature and will come in handy especially with racecars. The BC Company offers nothing but quality, durability and safety in the manufacturing of every product making it an indispensable brand.

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